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Local Bookstore Partnership

Local Bookstore Partnership

Image by Kimberly Farmer

Having a self-published book displayed and distributed in bookstores can provide significant benefits in terms of exposure and credibility, but it also comes with various challenges, including the associated costs, competition for shelf space, and the need for effective marketing.


Success in this endeavor often requires careful planning, perseverance, and a well-executed strategy to overcome these challenges.


We would like to recommend a campaign that will help you to increase your book's visibility, reach new readers, and support local bookstores in the process. By facilitating partnerships between authors and bookstores, we aim to create a win-win situation for all involved.

Local Bookstore Publicity Campaign

Our service will consist of three main components

Bookstore Outreach

We will contact local bookstores and provide them with your book's information. Bookstore owners will be able to browse through our database showcasing your book and opt-in if they are interested in displaying. We will also provide them with promotional materials and support to help promote the displayed books. There will be 5 complimentary copies that will be given to each interested bookstores a discount voucher if they wish to re-order more copies.

Author Registration

Author Registration: Your book will be part of an independent bookstore's database. This will display your book's ISBN, website, book title/s, brief description and an option to request a sample copy.

Maintenance and Support

We will provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that books are displayed properly and that all parties involved are satisfied with the service. This will include regular check-ins with bookstores and authors to ensure that everything is running smoothly and addressing any issues that arise. This is to make sure your book will never run out of stock and bookstore owners won't have problems in re-ordering or replacing damaged books.

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