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Social Media Campaign

Podcast Tour Publicity Campaign 

Expand Your Reach and Establish Your Brand with Podcasting


Elevate Your Book’s Presence Through Podcasts

Podcasting is a modern and effective way to connect with a wide audience. With most people leading on-the-go lifestyles, podcasts offer a unique opportunity to convey your story and build your brand presence. As an author, appearing on podcasts can significantly bolster your authority in your industry and help in creating a lasting brand.


Why Podcasting?

Growing Popularity: Nearly 60% of U.S. consumers listen to podcasts, with listenership having doubled over the past decade.

Captive Audience: Podcasts allow you to reach an engaged audience, ready to hear your story and learn about your book.

Image by Austin Distel

Our Podcast Tour Publicity Campaign

Atticus Books Marketing is committed to lifting the burden of outreach and coordination from your shoulders. We focus on connecting you with podcast shows that align with your book’s topic, ensuring your voice is heard by the right audience.

What the Campaign Includes

Targeted Submission

Your PR profile is submitted to podcast shows specifically chosen for their relevance to your book’s topic.

Social Media Promotion

Each of your podcast guest appearances will be promoted through social media postings, enhancing visibility.

PR Profile Creation

We craft a professional PR profile that highlights your book and author persona.

Efficient Coordination

: We handle correspondence with podcast producers and hosts, arranging interviews and guest appearances.

Scheduled Bookings

Our team will secure a schedule with the host, ensuring a smooth and organized experience.

Long-Term Branding Impact

This campaign isn't just about immediate book sales; it's about establishing a long-term impact on your brand. By leveraging the growing popularity of podcasts, you can differentiate yourself from other authors and gain a global reach.

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