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Social Media Campaign

Facebook Publicity Campaign Service: Enhance Your Book’s Reach on Social Media


Harness the Power of Facebook for Your Book

In the realm of digital marketing, Facebook remains a dominant platform, connecting millions of readers worldwide. Our Facebook Publicity Campaign service is designed to maximize your book's visibility, engage potential readers, and boost your sales through this influential network.

What the Service Includes

Facebook Fan Page Creation

Establish a professional and engaging presence with a dedicated Facebook Fan Page for your book.

Professional Graphic Design

Stand out with unique and visually compelling Facebook postings.

Regular Updates and Announcements

Keep your audience informed and engaged with updates about your book, personal events, and other relevant announcements.

Directing Traffic

Guiding your Facebook audience to your Amazon page or personal website, driving sales and further engagement.

Community Engagement

Connect with your target audience by joining relevant Facebook Communities/Groups.

Facebook Boosting

Increase your reach with targeted advertising to users interested in your book’s genre or topic.

Regular, Engaging Posts

Benefit from at least four posts per week, showcasing various content such as excerpts from your book, relevant articles, images, videos, and more.

Expert Copy Editing

Captivating captions that draw in and engage your audience


Expand Your Campaign

Additional Platforms: While this service focuses on Facebook, we understand the power of a multi-platform approach. If you’re interested in expanding your campaign to include TikTok, Instagram, or X (formerly Twitter), our book marketing advisors are available for consultation to tailor a strategy that suits your specific needs.

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Post-Campaign Analysis and Guidance

  • Personal Consultation: Receive a thorough walk-through of your campaign’s impact and learn how your influence has grown.

  • Detailed Reporting: A comprehensive PDF report will be provided, detailing engagement metrics and audience reach.

  • Sustained Growth Strategies: Gain insights on best practices for managing and growing your social media presence beyond the campaign.

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