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Storytime Pup Children's Book Feature


About Storytime Pup

Storytime Pup is a beloved children's channel featuring a delightful puppet, Storytime Pup, who brings picture books to life. This platform is dedicated to promoting literacy and a love for reading among children by presenting engaging, entertaining, and educational stories. From classic tales to contemporary works, Storytime Pup offers a variety of genres, author interviews, and resources for parents and educators.


Why Feature Your Book on Storytime Pup?

  • Broad Audience Reach: Tap into Storytime Pup’s growing audience of parents, caregivers, and children, expanding your book's reach.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Featuring your book on this platform increases its visibility, sparking interest and awareness among potential readers.

  • Trusted Recommendation: Gaining Storytime Pup's endorsement provides valuable social proof, enhancing credibility and appeal.

  • Author Engagement: Participate in interviews and connect directly with your audience, adding a personal touch to your book’s promotion.


Our Exclusive Service Package

Custom Video Creation

We produce and edit a captivating video of your book, which will be featured on the Storytime Pup Children's Channel.

Magic Window Segment

Customize your feature with up to 10 children's names for a special mention during the Magic Window segment.

Online Promotion

Your chosen web link will be included in the video description, and your photo, bio, and link will be featured on our authors' page.

Facebook Group Shares

We share your video in various children's book and family groups on Facebook.

Personal Acknowledgment

Storytime Pup will personally thank you by name in the video, and your name and photo will be displayed at the end.

Targeted YouTube Advertising

: Each video is put into an ad rotation on YouTube, targeted specifically at families.

Social Media Exposure

Leverage our extensive social media network, including Facebook (83,000+ followers), LinkedIn (15,000+ followers), and Twitter (10,000+ followers).

Community Support

Benefit from the promotion by fellow Storytime Pup Author Team members, as all authors are encouraged to support each other’s work.

Sample Features

Take Your Children’s Book to New Heights

Join the Storytime Pup family and give your book the spotlight it deserves. Our service is designed to make your children’s book a part of countless cherished reading moments.

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